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A Hard Rain; chapter two, part one

“I told them they were crazy,” Siobhan says, her face flushing.  “I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about, and I knew that if you had known, you would have told me.”

“Damn right,” Leslie says, nodding her head vigorously.  “I don’t know what the hell they mean, but—oh, I have to go back home.”

Predictably, Siobhan objects.  Leslie will not back down, however.  She needs to get her hands on John’s laptop—the one that is sitting pretty in his office.  The same office in which she has yet to step since his death.  Siobhan is throwing out reason after reason why Leslie should not go home.  Finally, Leslie says if Siobhan will not take her, she’ll just walk the two blocks back to her own damn home, thank you very much.  Once she says this, Siobhan knows it’s futile to argue any further.

“Let me tell Eduardo so he can put Eamon to bed,” Siobhan says, abruptly standing up.  She rarely leaves the kids home alone, but she can trust Eduardo to watch the younger two while she runs Leslie home.  Siobhan marches upstairs with Leslie right behind her.  Leslie veers off into the guestroom so she can grab her bag.  She can leave the cat food as the boys will enjoy the treats.  Now, she just has to find Josephine.

“Josephine, where are you?  We’re going home.”  Leslie waits.  She knows that she has said the magic word, and she is confident that Josephine will show up sooner rather than later.  She is right.  One minute and fifty-three seconds pass before Josephine saunters into the room and into her carrier.  Three seconds later, the Beastie Boys enter the room, looking hangdog at the sight of Josephine marching into her carrier.  They know this means that she will be leaving them, and they are nearly inconsolable.

“Good girl, Josephine.”  Leslie shuts the carrier and picks it up along with her duffle.  She is ready to leave.

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