About Me

My name is Minna Hong, and this is my fiction blog.  In other words, it’s the place where I’m going to post my fiction and anything that has anything to do with my fictional writing career.  If I have anything new and exciting to report in that area, I will post it here.  And, if I have any disappointments or failures, well, I may keep those to myself.  However, if I choose to share, I will do it here as well.

What kind of fiction do I write?  Ah, there’s the rub, as “they” say.  Who is they?  Hell if I know, but I know “they” say that all the time.

My fiction is usually semi-autobiographical, and since I’m a raging egomaniac, my protagonists are often based on me.  I have been told my fiction is post-modernist, grim, like John Steinbeck’s, gritty, noire, and a plethora of other things.  I’ve also been told I swear too much in my fiction (sorry, Mom) and that I’m obsessed with death.  Guilty as charged.  I call my fiction contemporary realism, when I bother to call it anything at all.

In time, I may start accepting submissions from other people.  I have big plans, people, and I hope you enjoy watching them unfold.