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Big Announcement Coming Soon

extra, extra, read all about it!Hello, bitchez. I’ve neglected you for far too long, haven’t I? It’s been a year and a half since I’ve written anything here, and while so much has changed in that time, simultaneously, things remain strangely the same.

All that is in the past, however, and I’m ready to walk on by that mess. I have new goals, some I’m willing to share and some I’m not. The main one is that I want to be self-supportive with this writing thing, be it fiction, blog posts, or articles on how to keep your man satisfied in bed. I’ve been writing all my damned life, and now it’s time it started paying the bills.

To that end, I’m exploring the many online publishing options that have sprouted up in the past few years, ranging from crowdfunding to freelance writing to writing bad fanfic. Hey, me and my boys gotta eat!

Indiegogo? Patreon? CreateSpace? Kickstarter? So many options, and not all of them are mutually-exclusive. Currently, I’m deciding what I want to do with my life and what vehicle is the best to get me there. I know I’ve been sadly amiss in keeping up with this blog and my personal blog, The World According to MEH, but I plan to rectify both in the very near future.

Keep your eyes on this space for exciting news in the very near future.

Welcome to MY World

Hey, ‘sup, bitchez?  My name is Minna Hong, and this is my fiction blog.  It’s an emerging, living entity, so it’ll change, grow, and occasionally spit up along the way.  Just FYI, I swear.  A lot.  So if that’s problematic, you may want to skip this blog entirely.

::looks around::

It’s kind of strange.  For years, this has been the home of my personal blog, which has now been moved to  I ranted and I railed about whatever popped in my mind.  Then, I closed the curtains on my blog and moved on to other adventures.  My fiction site was one reason I closed down my blog, and now, roughly a year later*, I am ready to make magic happen.

Since it’s November, that means NaNoWriMo.  I’ve already met the goal – 56,142 and counting – which isn’t surprising for me.  If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you know I have no trouble spewing a bunch of words at a time.  In the past couple years, I’ve set my own goals for NaNoWriMo, and this year, I have three.  One is to get this website up and running – as defined by me.  The second is to write a mystery novel, and I’m about a third down with that.
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