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Parental Deception; chapter six, part one

Chapter Six; Part One “I’ll take a large latte with skim milk,” I say to the barista at Ye Olde Diamond Shoppe. “And this zucchini pineapple bread.” He sighs and pushes himself away from the counter as if I’m asking him to murder his mother. “That’ll be six-seventy-five,” he says, a scowl on his face.… Continue Reading

Parental Deception; chapter five

Chapter Five “Mrrrreow!” Onyx leaps in the air, making me drop the bag I’m holding in order to catch her. Jet and Ginger are hanging back, but just as eager to see us. “Silly girl,” I say, scruffing Onyx behind the neck. She mewls in pleasure, her eyes turning into slits. I shift her into… Continue Reading