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Trip on This: Chapter Seven (Part One)

Chapter Seven (Part One) “We’re doing what?”  Mowgli stares at Trip, wondering if his ears are deceiving him.  This is not how he envisioned spending his night—talking to Trip about strip clubs in Vandalia’s living room. “Going to The Roman Empire,” Trip says.  “Me, you, Vandalia and her consort.  I have to find out more… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Six (Part One)

Chapter Six (Part One) “Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory!”  Trip jerks up in her bed, unsure that she heard what she thinks she heard.  There is total silence, then she hears it again.  “Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory.”  Someone is fucking singing somewhere in her apartment.  Still… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Five (Part Three)

Chapter Five (Part Three) After working out, Trip is no more settled than she had been beforehand, so she decides to pay her old friends a visit.  She showers and changes into black jeans and a black long-sleeved t-shirt before covering that with her black trench coat.  It’s her work outfit, and that’s what she’s… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Five (Part Two)

Chapter Five (Part Two) “Where the fuck have you been?”  Mowgli scowls at me from outside Vandalia’s apartment.  “I’ve been waiting for you for a fucking half hour.  Time is money, chiquita, in case you haven’t heard.” “Come on in,” I say, ushering Mowgli into Vandalia’s place.  “Want something to drink?”  I move to the… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Five (Part One)

Chapter Five (Part One) “What’s the word, Rock?”  Trip asks her favorite bartender as he plunks a Freezin’ Seamen in front of her.  It’s only five in the evening, but it’s never too early for a Freezin’ Seamen.  She drains it in one gulp.  There are two guys at the bar, and a few scattered… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Four (Part Two)

Chapter Four (Part Two) “Hello?”  I growl into my cell phone as I speed home.  If I was irritated or upset before, I’m furious now. “Hey, it’s Roberto.  What’d you find out?”  He’s speaking in a low voice which means he’s at work and not on a break, naughty boy. “The motherfucker rented the office… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Four (Part One)

Chapter Four (Part One) “I need to talk to Mr. Renaldo DiCalvo,” Trip says firmly to the receptionist, a woman about Trip’s age, also Asian, who is looking at Trip with bored disdain.  The receptionist is Chinese-pretty with slanted eyes and planed cheekbones—Lucy Liu in the flesh.  These North Beach bitches have such an attitude.… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Three (Part Three)

Chapter Three (Part Three) “Ready to go?”  Mowgli looks disgustingly fresh for someone who hasn’t had his eight hours of sleep.  He is wearing dark brown slacks, a black button-down, and a charcoal-gray tie.  In other words, he’s dashing.  I refrain from rolling my eyes as he’s doing me a favor and doing it willingly. … Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Three (Part Two)

Chapter Three (Part Two) The apartment building is deathly quiet and has an unlived-in feel to it.  Trip cannot repress a shudder as she presses on the buzzer.  Nothing.  Then she notices that the door is propped open.  Once again, she marvels at the stupidity of her fellow man.  Sure, it makes her job easier,… Continue Reading