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Trip on This: Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten “What the hell is going on?”  Vandalia is seriously pissed off at the scene in front of her eyes.  Greeley is on his feet, his back to a crouching Trip who is slowly rising.  Mowgli is trailing Vandalia, but not nearly as concerned. “She spit on me!”  Greeley says indignantly, his cheek still… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine I am still simmering and don’t want to even be in the same room as Greeley, let alone brainstorm with him.  Who the hell died and made him god?  How dare he intimate that I have done something to bring this upon myself.  That’s like telling a rape victim that she shouldn’t have… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Eight (Part Two)

Chapter Eight (Part Two) “I feel pretty, oh so pretty,” Vandalia is singing as I enter the apartment.  “Why, hello, Trip!  Isn’t this a glorious day?”  She smiles at me in the manner of one who’s just been thoroughly fucked.  “Who would have thought young Greeley would have had it in him?”  She giggles as… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Eight (Part One)

The morning comes too quickly for Trip’s taste.  She spent a good hour after returning from the Tenderloin watching infomercials to clear her mind.  She hates returning to her stamping grounds because it makes her feel as if she’s only one step away from where she’s trying so hard to leave.  This morning, her head… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Seven (Part Five)

Chapter Seven (Part Five) “Hey, girls,” I say, pulling Mowgli’s blazer closer to my body.  It’s not “What are you doing here,” Snow asks belligerently, sticking out her chin.  “Fucking bitch thinks she can just come here and get up in our grill.”  Some of the newer hookers look puzzled, but most of the older… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Seven (Part Four)

Chapter Seven (Part Four) “How much for your bitch?”  Frat boy number one suddenly appears, leering down at Trip, but talking to Mowgli.  “I ain’t never had yellow pussy before.”  His buddies are sniggering as they watch the show.  Trip narrows her eyes, but allows Mowgli to respond. “You can’t afford her,” he says without… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Seven (Part Three)

Chapter Seven (Part Three) I’m bored.  Even though I like women, there is nothing sexy about Ebony’s movement.  I can tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she’s on something and feeling very little pain.  She’s moving her ass mechanically, the same way she’s probably moved it a hundred times before.  Whereas Blanche… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Seven (Part Two)

Chapter Seven (Part Two) I’m not at all sure about this Greeley boy.  He’s nice enough, but he’s got a touch of the Midwest about him.  Stolid, trustworthy, not the quickest guy out of the blocks.  He’s also much too innocent for the kind of games I am being forced to play.  I don’t know… Continue Reading