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Marital Duplicity; chapter four, part two

“Auntie!” Coral throws her arms around me and squeezes me hard. She’s still dressed in her black business suit, and I feel a flash of envy at her luxurious curls, which she inherited from my sister. Plus, she has a figure that makes grown men cry. “Come in, come in!” “Auntie!” Michelle and Ing-wen (named… Continue Reading

Marital Duplicity; chapter four, part one

“Bob Cheng,” I murmur, typing his name into Google. I receive more results than I can do anything with, so I narrow it down by putting in his full name. ‘Robert Jin-wen Chen’ and the place of his employment, ‘MPowerment Marketing Firm’. That narrows the results considerably, more than I want to, so I delete… Continue Reading

Marital Duplicity; chapter three

“Hello?” My phone wakes me a half hour before my alarm goes off, and it’s Jasmine, otherwise I wouldn’t have answered. “Megan! Bob never came home! Please come over now.” Jasmine’s voice is trembling, and I can tell she’s crying. “Give me ten minutes, Jasmine.” I hang up and get up. I go to the… Continue Reading

Marital Duplicity; chapter two

“Megan! How are you doing?” Jasmine hugs me hard before looking me up and down. “Hanging in.” I’m glad I put on a nice pair of black pants and a red blouse before coming over. I’ve lived in my sweats for the past two weeks, but I know Jasmine wouldn’t take kindly to me showing… Continue Reading

Marital Duplicity; chapter one

Taiji is my sanctuary, and I need it more than ever right now. I’ve had the worst few weeks of my life in which my best friend has been murdered and my lover has been brutally attacked. The absolute worst part is that their attacker is someone who thought she was in love with me… Continue Reading