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A Hard Rain; chapter ten, part two

“Hello?”  Michael picked up his phone without looking to see who had called him.  It was seven-thirty at night, and he was still at the office.  He knew he had to get home soon or his wife would bitch at him for deserting her in her time of need.  Then, he would get pissed because he worked so hard during the day, didn’t he deserve a little relaxation at home?  But, he would feel guilty about it because his wife was having such a difficult pregnancy and because of her miscarriages.

“Michael.  It’s Amy.  I’ve been thinking about you a lot.  I’d like to see you tonight.”  Amy’s voice was as seductive as ever, and Michael felt the pull as strongly as ever.

“I’m at the office.  I should be going home.”  Michael noted that he wasn’t saying no to Amy—he could never say no to Amy.

“That’s too bad, Michael.  I’m only wearing a pink teddy and a see-through robe.  Does that tempt you at all?”  Amy laughed, sending sexual tingles throughout Michael’s body.  He went hard immediately, and all he could think about was fucking Amy.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”  Michael gathered his things and flew over to Amy’s house.  She welcomed him into the house wearing nothing but the teddy and the shortie robe.  Michael had them both off her as soon as she closed the front door.

“Hi, Michael.  Are you glad you came over?”  Amy tilted her head and looked at Michael from beneath her lashes.

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A Hard Rain; chapter seven, part two

“Shit.”  Leslie glances at her watch and sees that it’s 7:04:32.  Siobhan would be awake if not at work yet.  Leslie calls her.

“Where the hell are you, Leslie?  I tried to call you all day yesterday.”  Siobhan is angry and not reticent about showing it.

“Sorry.  I had my cell off.”  Leslie turns off her cell when she can’t deal with it—which is most of the time.  And, it’s now telling her that she’s missed many, many messages—which is annoying the hell out of her.  “Listen.  I’m in Chicago.  I—“

“What the hell are you doing in Chicago?”

“I came to meet Rose—John’s best friend.”

“Who the fuck is Rose?  What’s going on, Leslie?”

With a start, Leslie realizes that she hasn’t told Siobhan anything since discovering that John was not John.  Taking a deep breath, Leslie makes as concise a summary as she can.  Still, it takes a good twenty minutes with Siobhan interrupting frequently to ask questions.  When Leslie is finished, Siobhan doesn’t hesitate to express her opinion.

“You get your ass home now.  This is not a game, Leslie.  Whoever killed John and took Rose isn’t going to stop at killing one more person.  I would greatly prefer that person were not you.”  Siobhan is struggling to keep her temper, but it’s touch and go.

“Do you think this person is going to stop?  He knows I am on his trail.  Whether or not I stop, I don’t think he’ll feel safe until he gets me out of the way.”

“That’s why you should quit now.  Make it clear you’re leaving everything up to the cops.  Please, Leslie.  Don’t do anything rash.  Come home and call your shrink.”  Siobhan is pleading now as she senses that Leslie’s mind is made up.

“I have to do this, Siobhan.  For John.  I love you, and I’ll talk to you later.”  Leslie hangs up the phone and turns it off.  She knows that if she talks to Siobhan any longer, they’ll just end up in a long, shouty argument.  Then, they will say things they regret before apologizing.  Then, Leslie will do what she plans to do, anyway, so why not skip all that?  Leslie reminds herself to call Siobhan later just to update her on things, and then she returns to her laptop.

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