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Out of Sight, Into Mind; chapter seven, part one

“Where the hell have you been?”  Matt snapped the minute I walked into the apartment.  I took a long look at him before turning around and leaving again.  I re-entered the room and held up a hand to forestall him from repeating his question.

“Hello, Matt.  It’s good to be home.  How are you?”  I didn’t expect him to reply, but I had to let him know that he couldn’t treat me that way.  To his credit, he backed down immediately.

“Sorry, Scar.  I’m just going out of my mind.  I shouldn’t take it out on you, though.  How are you doing?”  Matt allowed me to walk into the apartment and take off my shoes before we headed for the living room where we always had our confabs.

“Julia’s ex, Banana’s father, has AIDS,” I said without preamble.  “Julia had to talk about it a bit, plus she wanted to know if I’d look after Banana this weekend.  I said yes, of course.”

“That’s horrible,” Matt said, meaning it.  “Of course we’ll look after Banana.”  How like him to include himself in the promise even though he had nothing to do with it.  What a guy.  “Hey, Kayla wants us to go over.  Did you talk to the cops?”

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