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General Housekeeping

I am having laptop issues and cannot access my fiction folder. Until I resolve that, I can’t post any fiction. Hopefully, I will get this all figured out this week, but until then, here’s a Missy Elliott video to get your blood pumping.

New story! Brief announcement

Hey, all! New week, new story. We finished Trip on This, and I’m still editing the sequel, so it’ll be a while before I start posting that. Instead, I’ll be posting chapters from Dogged Ma, a story I wrote quite a few years ago about a woman who is impregnated by God against her will. I updated it a bit a few years ago, but it’s pretty much the same as when i first wrote it. I got the idea after watching Dogma (RIP, Alan Rickman) and seeing how joyful Bethany was when she was informed that she was the Mother of God. I imagined my own reaction which would have been drastically different, and thus, this story was born.


P.S. After watching this clip, I might have to watch Dogma again.

General housekeeping news

I have finished posting chapters from Trip on This, and I am currently deciding what I want to post next. I am editing the sequel I wrote to Trip on This, so I will post chapters of that in the near (or pretty near) future. In the meantime, I am taking today off, so there will be no post. Instead, celebrate Maru’s 11th birthday with a montage of several cute things he’s done in the past year.