Plaster of Paris; chapter one, part one

“Wake up, Rayne.”  I am being shaken, and it’s not a pleasant sensation. “Go ‘way,” I croak, vainly attempting to elude the hands that are shaking me. “It’s almost noon,” the voice persists.  “Get up!”  I open one eye to a concerned Paris.  “Saturday.  March,” he adds.  This has been our ritual for the past… Continue Reading

Rainbow Connection; epilogue

“It’s good to be home!”  It’s the Friday after the attack, and I’m back home.  The doctors wanted to keep me a few more days, but I insisted.  By some miracle, nothing is broken but my pride.  My face is a cornucopia of bruises and welts; I can’t see out of my left eye because… Continue Reading

Rainbow Connection; chapter fourteen

“Change of plans,” Paris says cheerfully.  “We’re walking you to group, having a cup of coffee or a beer at some Mission dive, then we’ll pick you up at nine sharp.”  I want to argue, but it’s not worth the effort.  I simply nod, and we’re off. “How was the funeral?”  I ask, needing to… Continue Reading

Rainbow Connection; chapter thirteen, part two

“The last day is especially interesting, don’t you think?”  Leticia asks, her eyes watering. “Yes.”  I hesitate, then ask the question.  “Do you think they’re related?” “Yes,” Leticia says firmly.  “That means the killer is in your group.”  Her eyes widen as she looks at me.  From the speculative gleam in her eyes, I can… Continue Reading

Rainbow Connection; chapter twelve, part two

My coworkers talk of Mariah’s death for the rest of the day.  Obsessively.  They are so consumed with it, they don’t realize that I’m not contributing anything to the conversations.  I have several reasons for this.  One, I still don’t want people to know my connection with the murders.  Two, I’m disgusted with the avarice… Continue Reading