Trip on This: Chapter Six

Chapter Six “Ms. Wire, I’m going to get straight to the fucking point.”  The short, balding, sweaty man leans over his desk, planting his fists firmly on the papers slopping around on top of it.  A picture of the man with a pretty, anemic woman cringing under his arm and three equally washed-out children teeters… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Five

Chapter Five It is inevitable, the crash that follows the high.  Trip knows that, and yet, every time, she hopes to escape it.  She spends the day after the job is finished burrowed under her covers, not moving from her futon except to eat, drink, and shit.  If the black isn’t too heavily upon her,… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Four

Chapter Four It’s almost dusk, which is my favorite time of day.  I love the changeover from light into dark for all the promises the night holds.  I am outside Gina’s apartment complex which, of course, has a security system.  It is two days after my nightmarish experience with aerobics, and I spent yesterday recovering. … Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Three

Chapter Three Trip strides into Gina’s health club, wearing a black leotard over black tights.  She is swinging her ass just the tiniest bit as she saunters through the door held open by an accommodating fan.  She is sure he’s watching her ass as he leaves, which is why she includes the extra twitch.  Her… Continue Reading

Take a Trip With Trip

Before I post the next chapter of Trip on This, I want to talk about the novel in general a little bit. I wrote it sixteen years ago, inspired by the time I lived in the Bay Area. Around the same time, I read an article about the killing of women and girls in Juarez… Continue Reading

Exciting Announcement!

*stumbles into the room* *struggles to find the light&]* *turns it on, thankful it still works* *dusting away the cobwebs* Hello! Man, it’s been some time, hasn’t it? Over three years to be precise, but who’s counting? Me, obviously because I mentioned it, but it’s in the past. We’re moving onward and upward. I’m getting… Continue Reading

Trip On This: Chapter Two

Chapter Two I couldn’t stand listening to that pussy one second longer blathering about how much he regretted hurting the girl, that he really thought he’d loved her. If he knew how many times I’ve heard that self-serving shit from men who need to rationalize screwing around on their wives, he’d shut his mouth before… Continue Reading

Trip On This: Chapter One

Chapter One “Ms. Trip, uh, Trip Wire?”  The man holds his hand out, an uncertain smile edging his lips.  It wavers even further when the slim, Asian woman stares hard at him but doesn’t take the proffered hand.  “Um, I’m Fenwick Harrington.  You may call me Fenwick.”  He leaves his hand hanging for a beat… Continue Reading

Trip On This: Prologue

Ed. Note: I’m working on the announcement I mentioned in the previous post, and I’m still not ready to share exactly what I’m planning. However, it will involve a murder mystery of some kind, so to that end, I’ve decided to share an old mystery novel I wrote with you. Chapter by chapter, right here… Continue Reading