Dogged Ma: Chapter two

Chapter Two  “Ahhh, that feels good.”  I dropped into my tub, thankful for the overflow of bubbles.  I had just come home from working out, and I always treated myself to a bubble bath right after.  It was my reward for working hard, and it was all that got me through the last ten minutes… Continue Reading

Dogged Ma: Chapter one

Chapter One “Shit,” I exclaimed, hastily stubbing out my cigarette in the overflowing ashtray by my bed.  I didn’t smoke very often, but when I did, I usually finished half a pack to a pack in a few hours.  I glanced at my bed, disgruntled to find my girl toy for the night still slumbering… Continue Reading

New story! Brief announcement

Hey, all! New week, new story. We finished Trip on This, and I’m still editing the sequel, so it’ll be a while before I start posting that. Instead, I’ll be posting chapters from Dogged Ma, a story I wrote quite a few years ago about a woman who is impregnated by God against her will.… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Epilogue

Epilogue In a rare occurrence, the sun is shining all across San Francisco.  There are throngs of reporters camped out in front of the mayor’s home, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sam Davies’s family since they don’t have access to the man himself.  Television, newspaper, magazines.  Regional, local, national.  Patricia, Sam Jr., and Eddie… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Sixteen (Part Two)

Chapter Sixteen (Part Two) “Where the hell is he?”  Mowgli grumbles, his right leg bouncing up and down as he sits on the bed. “He’s got ten minutes,” Trip reminds him, looking pointedly at her watch.  “Chill, Mowgli.  I’m going to check on our friend next door.”  She slips out of the room and enters… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Sixteen (Part One)

Chapter Sixteen (Part One) “The cop on the case is clean,” Mowgli informs Trip late Monday morning.  “I managed to finagle a meeting with him, and he’s not one of the assholes.” “You sure about that?”  Trip asks, rubbing her eyes.  She hasn’t slept well all week, and it’s beginning to catch up to her.… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen Sunday night.  Trip and Mowgli have to wait until the day after viewing the pictures and discs because they needed to do some prep work.  This is not a situation that they want to walk into without carefully planning what they’re going to do.  Both recognize the volatile nature of what they’re about… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen They have it—the evidence needed to nail the mayor.  Sam Davies—the fucking hypocrite and so much more.  First, there’s Blanche’s final note written a few days before she died.  She finally uses his name instead of calling him ‘sweetie’, which, of course is not proof in and of itself.  She writes how if… Continue Reading

Trip on This: Chapter Thirteen (Part Three)

Chapter Thirteen (Part Three) “Mowgli, bring the key here,” Trip orders, rising to her feet.  She brushes the dust of her jeans as she waits for her partner in crime.  Mowgli ambles over, key in hand.  When he sees the suitcase, he begins to laugh. “Bigger than a breadbox,” he snorts, slapping his thigh.  “How… Continue Reading