Don’t Rayne On My Parade; chapter two, part two

         Chapter Two; Part Two “Hello?  Paris here.”  He has one of those phones where a person standing near by can hear almost everything the other person says. “Oh –y God, Pa—s.  It’s Ma—………..looking for Moira…….broke down the door….she’s de—.  You have to…….right now!” “Max, calm down.  Are you sure about that?” … Continue Reading

Parental Deception; chapter fifteen

Chapter Fifteen “Ms. Liang? I’m Connie Wang.” A slim, but shapely Taiwanese woman holds out her hand as she approaches the table I’m seated at. She’s looks to be about my age, although I know she’s a good ten years older. Her determinedly black hair is carefully crimped and swept in a knot at the… Continue Reading